Monday, July 29, 2013

Get You Marketing Strategies from Imagine Solutions

It is time to develop a marketing campaign to promote your products.  There are quite a few ways to get your message across to your customers.  However, some methods may be better suited for the needs of your company.  Here are a few helpful marketing strategies to get you started in developing your campaign.

E-mail, Website, or Social Media
Since most of the world is connected using the Internet, e-mail, websites, and social media are fantastic ways to reach your customers.  You will want to avoid creating spam, so a better alternative might be to develop a website.  You can promote the website and urge customers and potential customers to enter their e-mail addresses and send them special offers that way.  You can also publicize your social media medium on the website and other places on the Internet, which will attract a greater audience.

Traditional Advertising and Events
You should attend events to create social networking among potential business partners and clients, allowing them to see that you are genuine and can back up what you say.  By attending events, you can also show that you honor commitments.  Events are related to traditional advertising because they both have been done for quite some time.  Traditional advertising will be especially effective with the older population because they may not be as familiar with the Internet as the younger population.  Traditional advertising should include TV advertisements, radio advertisements, and advertisements on public walls, windows, or billboards.

In-person Interactions and Direct Mail
If someone comes into your office seeking a product, you want to win their business.  You can do this by having effective in-person interactions.  You should show the customer that you care about their needs.  Direct mail can also help to show potential customers that you value the business relationship.  You can follow up in-person interactions with mail being sent directly to the customer’s home.  This follows-up on your offer and helps to let you know if the customer is still interested.

Quality Over Quantity
You can have 100 advertisements out there in the world through the Internet and traditional advertising, but it will do no good if the quality is bad.  It is more important to have good quality over quantity.  A good design team can help you develop the most effective and appealing advertisements.  It is important to remember that quality is also related to matching the advertisement content to the target audience.

These are only a few effective marketing strategies but all of them should attract new customers for your company.  You need to remember that marketing strategies need to be changed regularly to provide fresh information for customers.  What worked a year ago for attracting customers may not work today.  Contact us at Imagine Solutions to find out how best to market your products and services.

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