Friday, October 11, 2013

How to Investigate Potential Employees for Your Small Business

Congratulations on growing your small business so successfully that you now need the help of an employee or two. That decision will allow you to do more to meet your customers' needs. Large corporations have an array of investigative services they can use to check out potential candidates. Your company can't afford that luxury yet, but there's one thing you can look at beyond the resumes and cover letters of applicants. Investigate what they've done online.
  • Look on the candidate's social pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler, to see what he likes to do when he's not at work. You may find his posts railing against the government and photos of his drunken escapades amusing or showing a serious lack of discretion and professionalism. If he limits access to his social pages only to his friends, ask him to friend you.
  • Use Google Search to find any mention of your applicants online. If they have common names, you may have to qualify the search by adding their locations, employers, or jobs. Look under the Images, Videos and New options. If the individual is particularly active online, use Google Alerts to email you when any new activity about that person appears on the web.
  • Examine the details of his employment on LinkedIn or other job hunting sites. Do all the dates, employers, tasks match the resume sent to you? Or are their serious discrepancies, which could indicate careless at best and deception at worst?
If your investigations reveal something that concerns you, don't be afraid to question your candidate about it during the interview. He may have perfectly logical explanations for it. For more information on what to do for your small business, please contact us.

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