Thursday, January 9, 2014

Don't Make these Mistakes when Hiring for Your Small Business

The success of your small business often hinges on how productive your employees are and how well they work with each other and your customers. But finding taff can be time-consuming and costly. To make sure your get the right workers, you want to avoid the following mistakes.
  • Looking for perfection. With so many people looking for work, you're sure the perfect candidate is out there. So you interview person after person and turn each one down because they don't have the exact qualifications that you need at the salary you;re offering. Unfortunately, the perfect applicant does not exist at the price you can afford. Stick to two or three must-haves for your employee and two or three deal-breakers. Once someone meets those criteria, hire him or her.
  • Using gut feelings. Using your feelings is great when planning a date or doing something nice for someone. But you can't afford to hire people just because you like them or because they look good in what they're wearing. You must base your hiring decisions on hard data. Don't just take their word that the information in their resumes is correct. Look for facts by calling the contacts they list or by searching for their achievements on the Internet.
  • Rushing. When someone announces that he or she is quitting, you immediately go into panic mode because you can't afford even one day without someone at the position. You then rush to fill the job with the first warm body you see. Slow down or you're more likely to make a mistake. Offload the most important tasks to other employees and put less important ones on hold. Then take your time to recruit, interview and recruit the right candidate.
If you avoid these missteps, you're more likely to hire someone who can contribute positively right away. For more information on improving your small business, please contact us