Monday, April 7, 2014

Focus on Generating Revenues

Transitioning your special talent or unique product into a viable business requires focus. Generating revenues and mastering the intricacies of a business operation are challenging goals for the entrepreneur. 
For instance, a specialty cake designer offered distant customers the option for her to personally deliver their cakes to them (they paid airfare).  This worked out fine until TSA requirements made it necessary to ship the delicate designs in small pieces.
An artisan furniture maker in Illinois discovered that shipping to Manhattan environs did not always go smoothly.  After personally traveling to Manhattan and attempting to deliver one her orders; she discovered that items were often left curbside and final delivery into the home was the responsibility of the customer. 
These same owners were forced to eat the cost of one of their large items due to an employee shipping error.  A customer who received the incorrect item would not relinquish it and they incurred costs both in reshipping and building a replacement.
A cake maker received a customer call concerning a missing cake.  After a time-consuming review of the delivery process, she eventually traced the cake to a basement freezer in the customer’s house.  It turns out that a guest attending a family event had accepted delivery and placed it in the freezer forgetting to inform the hostess. 
What do all these stories have in common?  Small business owners who are intensely focused on providing an outstanding product for their customer may lack the experience and the time to prevent profit consuming mishaps.  As a result they spend valuable hours and dollars doing rework.
Using the expertise of professionals who have walked the walk and can focus on the logistics will go far in meshing your creative ability with business success.
With seasoned advice, the intricate cake designer would have been able to modify her delivery protocol to avoid unproductive time.
Solving the curbside abandonment with an option for white-glove delivery might have been recommended by someone with background in shipping company policies.
The employee error that resulted in the profit losing sale could have been avoided with properly recorded shipping procedures. And, that cake would have been on the dessert table where it belonged had delivery instructions been included in the paperwork.
Contact us and let our experienced staff focus on the details, show you how to keep the profits and enjoy the results of your creative venture.  

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