Monday, June 16, 2014

4 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Social Media Marketing

The online social scene is booming right now.  Social media has become a vital part of any social organization's marketing efforts.  You want to get involved, but you're unsure of how to navigate these social sites in a way that's helpful to your marketing.  There are right and wrong ways to go about social media marketing.  Let's look at some mistakes you should avoid when marketing your organization on social media.
1.  Spelling And Grammar Mistakes
It's not encouraging for a customer to see grammar mistakes on your business page.  These types of errors make your brand appear sloppy and lazy.  People rightfully worry that your lack of attention will translate into bad service for them in their dealings with you.  Avoid that bad impression and proofread your posts and page to ensure that they read well and use correct language.  
2.  Socially Unacceptable Statements
Businesses and social organizations need to have solid reputations so that customers can feel comfortable and secure in corresponding with them.  If an organization becomes associated with politically incorrect or offensive statements, it can lose many customers and followers.  No one wants to associate with rude organizations or companies, so it's best to avoid saying inflammatory things.  Don't talk bad about others or complain.  You probably want to avoid topics like death, politics, and race altogether.
3.  Using An Unprofessional Profile Photo
Invest in a professional picture of yourself to use for your photo.  Dress nicely, smile, and look friendly.  Make certain your eyes are open so you look awake and eager to work.  If you end up looking dazed or distracted, no one will contact you.  If you plan to use your logo for your profile picture, make sure all of the text on it is legible and clear, even for the smallest possible picture on the social media site.
4.  Sharing Things Unrelated To Business
Personal matters should be left to personal pages.  Your business page is about business and that's why people are viewing it.  But that doesn't mean leave your page empty.  Pack it full of relevant, useful content.  Share blog posts you've written, updates on your products and services, and good content others have written. 
Pay attention to your branding efforts on social media.  Being on social sites can really benefit your organization, but you have to do things right.  Be consistent in your efforts and avoid becoming associated with anything negative.  Make sure you distinguish yourself and stay active so people will know that you're available.  If you need any help with marketing your organization, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We'd be happy to serve you!