Wednesday, July 30, 2014

3 Tips To Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter has millions of users and your target audience is probably among them.  Your Twitter profile can be an excellent platform for spreading awareness and increasing your brand's influence.  But there are both good and bad ways to use any social media site.  Let's look at some tips to help you avoid mistakes and make the most of your Twitter experience.
1.  Don't Follow The "Politeness Rule"
Maybe you've heard about the politeness rule involving Twitter.  The politeness rule basically means following someone in hopes that they will follow you back.  This rule may seem to work at first, but in reality it will only net you an untargeted group of followers.  The followers obtained from the politeness rule aren't really interested in your business and they won't be active on your posts.  You'll basically just have useless traffic.  Take the time to grow your followers organically.  This will give you a quality group of followers that is genuinely interested in your business and will help you in the long run.
2.  Stop Responding To Every Tweet
It's good to engage with people and be active in responding to posts.  But avoid responding to Tweets that don't require your input—that will just be awkward and make you seem pushy.  If a person shares your blog post, they don't expect a response from you.  It will only waste your time if you respond to every single Tweet that mentions you.  However, if a Tweet mentions you specifically and includes a personal note of thanks or gratitude, you should respond.  Use your common sense in determining which Tweets need responses from you.
3.  Provide Content As You Market
Your business is on Twitter so that you can improve your marketing, so feel free to get the word out.  But don't let that be all you do with your account.  Provide valuable content as you market your goods and services.  Give your customers and followers special deals and exclusive coupons to thank them for following you.  Share useful blog posts you've written, as well as updates on your products.  Don't be afraid to share the content of other businesses in your field as well.  Link to informative articles that relate to your industry to keep your content sharp and focused.
Be consistent in your branding efforts.  It takes time to build up a reputation as a thought leader, but if you're persistent in your efforts you can become an authority figure in your field.  Distinguish your business by consistently sharing valuable content and providing excellent service.  Twitter can help you gain loyal customers and increase sales, but you need to do it right to see results.  If you need any assistance with your social media marketing, don't hesitate to contact us.  We'd be happy to work with you!

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