Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Tips On Using Pinterest For Business

If you're looking to get your business on social media, you may want to consider starting with Pinterest—a social site that allows you "pin" images to boards that others can view and share.  Using Pinterest is effective for highly visual businesses, and can help facilitate branching out to other social outlets.  Let's look at some tips to get you started.
1.  Choose The Business Account
When you first create your Pinterest profile, you'll see the option of a business account.  Choose the business option so customers will view you in a professional light and feel your brand is legitimate.  Not having a business account will make customers suspicious and wary of trusting you.  The business profile will also make certain tasks easier, like selling products and services directly from your Pinterest page.
2.  Organize Your Pins With Boards
People search for specific things, and they want content that relates to what they're searching.  So give them focused content by using themed pin boards to organize your pins.  No one likes sifting through mounds of content that rambles and doesn't pertain to them.  Keep your pin boards centered on a main idea or topic and don't stray from that.
3.  Pin Consistently
By pinning consistently, you show your followers that you're eager to please them with regular content.  But make sure that pinning often doesn't cause you to post lesser content.  When you pin something, it should be because it has valuable content—not just because you need a pin for that day.
4.  Have A Pinnable Website
Pinterest is geared towards images, so you'll need lots of visual content on your site to keep pinning.  If you're running low on images, use stock photo sites like Fotolia, iStockPhoto, and Shutterstock to find royalty-free pictures.  Having a pin-friendly website also means you'll need to make content on your site easy to share.  Use a "Pin It" widget or app to allow visitors to pin content directly from your site's pages.
5.  Host Contests
Hosting contests and competitions is a great way to get your followers active on your Pinterest page.  It's fun for them and useful to your business—you'll see an influx of likes, shares, and followers to your pages.  Find useful apps like Votigo to make running your competition easier.  Offer incentives and rewards for the contest winners to encourage more participation.  And don't forget to read up on Pinterest's terms and conditions to make sure you follow the rules.
Using Pinterest can help you increase sales, grow your followers, and find potential business partners.  It's a great way to get going with social media sites and become active in the social sphere.  Stick to your branding and focus on providing valuable content while you market.  Give your followers a reason to follow you so they will keep coming back to support your business.  If you need any help with your social media strategy, don't hesitate to contact us.  We'd be happy to help you out!

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