Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 More Things To Learn In Quickbooks

5 More things to Learn in Quickbooks
Quickbooks troubles? 
Test your knowledge of quickbooks with this quiz and see how you do. Any user knows there is always something else to learn about a powerful software. Generally, we learn new things when we need to know them. The following questions point out things we can all use.
1. Items deal with the things a company buys, sells, or resells in its business. Understanding items is important to utilize the benefits in QB fully. Name four items used in billing a customer.
2. Reports can quickly show you how much a customer has purchased. What report would you use?
3. Sales Tax Adjustments occasionally need to be made. What would you do to make such an adjustment?
4. 1099s must be sent to vendors.  Some of these vendors may also be customers. How would you offset the accounts payable against accounts receivable for these accounts?
5. Bank Reconciliations sometimes present complex situations. What would you do if this month the beginning reconciled balance does not match the beginning balance on the bank statement?
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1. Service, discount, payment, sales tax, service, subtotal.
2. Sales by Customer Summary.
3. Use the Adjust button in the Pay Sales Tax screen before creating a check to pay taxes.
4. Create a bank account through which you clear both the payables and the receivables.
5. Look for manual changes made by using the Audit Trail report and the Reconciliation Discrepancy report.

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