Thursday, April 23, 2015

Unpaid Bills by Job Report in Quickbooks

Do you run Quickbooks for your company? Are you on pay when pay contracts with your vendors? Then your life would be so much better if you had an Unpaid Bills by Job report! However, unless you are running the Construction version of Quickbooks you may be missing this handy report. Well you are in luck, here is how to create this report yourself in Quickbooks!

Try using the Custom Summary report and then modify it.
Display Tab:
Dates = All
uncheck Name and check Source Name
uncheck any column you do not need, like account, clr and split.
Total by = Customer
Sort by = Source Name

Account = All Accounts Payable
Include split detail? Yes
Detail Level = All except Summary
Paid Status = Open
If this is what you need, click on the Header/Footer tan and change the report title, click OK and then memorize it and you can run the report from the memorized report list and not need to keep changing the filters.

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