Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Imagine Tool: - Virtual Credit and Debit Cards

Are you worried about who has your card number? You should be using Privacy! This is an Imagine recommended tool! 

Privacy will allow you to create virtual cards that protect your money. 

Controlled:  Freeze cards and set spend limits. Take back control of your money.

Secure: Cards lock to merchants, making them useless to thieves and hackers.

Private: Use fake billing details and mask your purchases on your bank statement.

Disposable: Delete cards anytime, and kiss forgotten subscriptions goodbye. 
 - This is a big one for me, I will sign up for something and forget that I did it until my account has lost hundreds of dollars to a subscription that I do not use anymore. ~ Miranda 

Signup takes less than two minutes and is completely free. Privacy make money from merchants, just like a credit card, so Privacy won't sell your information or surprise you with any hidden fees. 

Check it out today! Well worth it to keep your information safe!!!! 

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